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Share a personal story from your dating experience that will move, touch and inspire other gay Asian men who may be struggling in their dating lives.


Guidelines and Structure

  • Provide a title for your story – a short sentence or phrase describing your story or what you learned.
  • There is no specific length requirement but generally around a 1000 words.
  • Structure of the story can be your own choosing but may follow:
    • what common (or uncommon) experience are you describing
    • what happened in your story
    • what did you discover
    • how did you use what you discover to help you in your dating life



  • Your name is required (first name is required; last name is optional but a last initial may be used by the editor to distinguish writers with the same first name if not provided).
  • Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences. This will help readers relate to you.
  • Feel free to include an email, web address, twitter, facebook, instagram account or any other way in which you may want people to contact or follow you.
  • Please provide a photo of yourself (although not a requirement). Again, this helps readers relate to you.



  • We may make minor editorial changes for readability but will not modify the content of the story.
  • We may not be able to publish every story that we receive. But this does not mean your story does not have value. We are run as a team of volunteer editors with limited capacity.


No Comments

You will notice that we support a no comment policy.

  • As a volunteer-run project, we have limited capacity to moderate comments.
  • Moreover, studies have found that comments distract from the discussion, and negatively shape opinions of the articles.
  • However, social media links are provided so that people may share their stories – for example, any reader will be able to share a story on Facebook, where comments may be made.


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