About Us

For the average gay Asian man coming out in a North American city (or any city with a pre-dominantly western culture) a quick discovery is made of how discriminating the gay community can be. It can seem like there is a caste system within the gay community where Asian men are at the bottom and white men at the top, especially within the dating scene. Coming out into such an environment can be confusing at best. At worst, we unknowingly adopt and internalize this system and believe this is how world works – we may go from feeling undesired, un-attractive, angry and finally resigned. Learning how to navigate dating in this environment becomes a challenge.

This is not a “how to” date website. We simply collect stories. Your stories. Written in way that will touch, move and inspire other gay Asian men struggling with their dating life. With enough stories and enough experiences collected we aspire to create pride, hope and the possibility of love in the lives of all gay Asian men. Our hope is that the stories can change the dating experience of our brothers to one characterized by playfulness, experimentation, self-respect and compassion.

A few projects exist that draw attention to the racist behaviour of others in order to change them. This is a project aimed at transforming ourselves within our community.